Michel Cluizel Z-Cafe 60% Dark Couverture Chocolate 3 กก.

฿ 3,750.00

Z Café chocolate is ideal for making unique creations. Pure arabica coffee beans from Brazil are roasted, then ground at the Manufacture. They come into their own in 60% cocoa dark chocolate, providing it with successive delicious notes of fruity aromatic coffee and Italian coffee, for an intense coffee flavour without the bitterness. For an authentic taste, no flavourings have been added to this chocolate. It is perfect for making bars, ganache, mousses and ice cream.

• Tasting notes: intense fruity coffee, toasted notes
• Cocoa: 60% l Fats : 39% l Sugar : 32%
• Ideal for: Bar l Ganache l Mousse l Ice cream

3 kg bag