Mainland Tasty Cheese Block เมนแลนด์ เทสตี้ชีส 250 กรัม

฿ 195.00

Mainland Tasty Cheese Block

Mainland Tasty Cheese Block

One of New Zealand’s favourite award-winning cheeses, a Mainland Tasty Cheese block is never going to last long in your fridge. It tastes so good that everyone in the family wants a piece.

A flaky, crumbly and crunchy aged cheddar with acidic and savoury notes that bite.

A Mainland Tasty Cheese block can usually be found in fridges up and down the country. It’s a full bodied aged cheddar that has a sharper taste than most. It has been aged for up to 18 months so the strong flavour really shines through. Add a chunky slice to a cheese sandwich or carve some off the block and load onto a cracker - sensational.

We follow a simple process to craft the best. Using only the most delicious farm fresh pasteurised New Zealand milk, curds are cooked at 40°C, chipped or milled then dry salted and aged for up to 18 months to achieve maximum taste.